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Empowering Rural Women

Who are we

The Mann Deshi Mahila Group is comprised of two organizations:

Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank (Mann Deshi Bank) is a regulated cooperative bank run by and for women. Founded in 1997, it was India’s first rural financial institution to receive a cooperative license from the Reserve Bank of India. Today Mann Deshi is the largest microfinance bank in Maharashtra with over 185,000 clients. Mann Deshi Bank is a pioneer in the microfinance world of India, offering its clients individual and group loans, savings, insurance and pension plans.           

Mann Deshi Foundation is a NGO organization that provides a variety of non-financial services to Mann Deshi Bank clients, such as financial and business management training, community radio, as well as women’s health and farming workshops.

Mann Deshi Mahila Bachat Gat Federation (Self-Help Group Federation) is a non-profit association aimed at helping rural women entrepreneurs. The federation currently consists of more than 2,462 SHGs.


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